CoC Project Application Update

CoC Project Application Update

Below please find updates for Project Applicants to the Anchorage Continuum of care program. Information includes corrections to the project application, answers to questions that have been asked, and more. As a reminder, the project Application is due tomorrow at 12 pm.

Additional information on the application can be found here. 

Corrections to the Application
1.       On page 8, Objective 2, the formula should be “b/a,” not “a/b.”
2.       On page 11, part E should be c divided by d, instead of d divided by c.
3.       Scoring for the Grant Utilization question on page 10 of the project application, which is only for renewal and expansion projects, will be adjusted slightly in order to align with the HUD Rating and Ranking Tool. Instead of 5 possible points for FY2014 and 5 possible points for FY2015 (total of 10 possible points for projects operating since FY2014), we will use an average of the percent expended for both years. Therefore:
a.       For projects that received both FY2014 and FY2015 funding, we will use the average of the percentage expended between the two years to score the project, with a total of five points possible (instead of the original 10 points).
b.       For projects that only received FY2015 funding, we will use the percentage expended in FY2015 to calculate the score, with a total of five points possible (no change).
4.       On page 12 under section HMIS A. Data Completeness, the date range should read August 2016 through July 2017.
5.       On page 6, please disregard the word “describe” from the sentence: “As part of the local review, applicants must describe and certify to the CoC that they will meet these criteria.” Applicants do not need to submit any additional narrative for this section.
Required Attachment to the CoC Project Application
6.       As a reminder, all CoC project applications need to include a copy of the Threshold Requirement Checklist. There are separate versions of the checklist for 1) renewal/expansion projects and 2)new projects.
Responses to Questions
7.       Question: We have a question about the Mainstream Benefits questions in the Project Application (3 A and B on page 8). Both questions reference program exit, but how do we address these questions if participants generally do not exit the program?
a.       Answer: In this case, the question is not applicable, so please enter “n/a.” Throughout the application, when a section or question is not applicable to a particular project, please enter “n/a” into the response space.
8.       Question: We are wondering if the threshold requirement of providing an annual Profit and Loss statement in summary format for the last fiscal year is specific to the CoC funded renewal project, or a statement that covers our entire agency?
a.       Answer: The profit and loss statement required on page 6 is for the entire agency/organization, and not the project.
9.       Question: On page 2 under HUD Priority Order and Local Ranking Process, can you please further explain the following statement – “If a new PSH or RRH project is being created by an existing project, it will be ranked based on the performance of the renewal application which is being reallocated.”
a.       Answer: This refers to a situation where an existing project (transitional housing as an example) is changing project type (RRH or PSH). This would only apply if an organization decides to convert an existing project to something different.
10.   Question: On page 11 under C. Total Project Budget – please confirm that the year should read FY15 (as stated) and not FY16 for numbers 1-4. Same questions for C. Cost Per Client Utilization Rate A, B and F.
a.       Answer: The question is correct as written (using FY15 numbers), since many FY16 projects are still in progress. If a project does not have FY15 data but has completed data for FY16, that can be used instead; if this is the case, please indicate on the application that you are using FY16 data.

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