Important Requirement for Anchorage CoC Applicants 

Important Requirement for Anchorage CoC Applicants 

Below please find important information for project applicants to the Anchorage Continuum of Care. As a reminder, project applications are due August 29, 2017 at 12:00 pm (noon) Alaska Standard Time.  More information on Anchorage’s CoC process can be found here. 

  1. Please complete the attachment and submit it with your project application (download below): each project applicant should review the list of Mandatory HUD Threshold Requirements (scroll down for attachment) to confirm they meet all the requirements, and submit the checklist with the project application. There are two versions of the checklist: one for renewal/expansion projects and one for new projects. 
  2. Slight revision to scoring methodology: scoring for the Grant Utilization question on page 10 of the project application, which is only for renewal and expansion projects, will be adjusted slightly in order to align with the HUD Rating and Ranking Tool. Instead of 5 possible points for FY2014 and 5 possible points for FY2015 (total of 10 possible points for projects operating since FY2014), we will use an average of the percent expended for both years. Therefore:
    1. For projects that received both FY2014 and FY2015 funding, we will use the average of the percentage expended between the two years to score the project, with a total of five points possible (instead of the original 10 points).
    2. For projects that only received FY2015 funding, we will use the percentage expended in FY2015 to calculate the score, with a total of five points possible (no change).
  3. Update to a formula in the project application: On page 8, Objective 2, the formula should be “b/a,” not “a/b.”

Later this week, we will be sharing the updated Rating and Ranking Tool we will be using to generate scores, with HIC data input into the spreadsheet for applicants to review.


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