Point-in-Time (PIT), Housing Inventory Count (HIC), and Project Homeless Connect (PHC)

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requires the collection of Point-in-Time (PIT) and Housing Inventory Count (HIC) data for one night each year to assist in measuring the extent of homelessness within Alaska. This data is later used to advocate for federal and state funding to assist Alaska’s homeless. In addition, this data has been a useful tool for housing planning activities in local communities.

Communities throughout the state also hosting a Project Homeless Connect (PHC) at the same time which is a one-day event to provide housing and services in a convenient one-stop model directly to individuals experiencing homelessness or at-risk of homelessness.


Point-in-Time Form or  Point-in-Time DV Form:

This form should be completed if:

  1. All beds in a facility/program operated by your agency are NOT listed in HMIS/Service Point, then the persons/households residing in the facility/program should be entered and recorded on this form. For those programs reporting data through HMIS, the PIT data will be pulled directly from HMIS and you will not need to complete the PIT form. However, all data for the night of the PIT must be complete in HMIS by February; or
  2. Your community is conducting an unsheltered street count, this form should be completed.

Point-in-Time Form Training Opportunities

  • 2019 dates coming soon!

Housing Inventory Count Form:

The HIC is an inventory of projects throughout Alaska that provide beds and units dedicated to serve persons who are homeless. All projects providing beds/units on the night of the PIT count that are dedicated to serving homeless persons, or for permanent housing projects, dedicated for persons who were homeless at entry, must complete a HIC form.

Housing Inventory Count Form Training Opportunities

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 Project Homeless Connect Form:

Communities conducting a Project Homeless Connect (PHC) event should utilize this PHC form to ensure all required data elements are captured for reporting purposes. PHC data should be entered into HMIS by February.

Project Homeless Connect Form Training Opportunities

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