ACEH Board of Directors

  • Judith Crotty, Vice-Chair
  • Bill Falsey
  • Nathan Johnson, Chair
  • Jacob Lyon, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Carlette Mack
  • Katie Scovic
  • Niki Tshibaka

Homeless Response System Advisory Council

  • Lisa Aquino, Coordinated Entry Committee Chair
  • Roger Branson
  • Sharon Chamard, Data Committee Chair
  • Mike Courtney
  • Laura Cox-Wilson
  • Charles Gorman
  • Sherrie Hinshaw
  • SJ Klein
  • Nicole Lebo
  • Carlette Mack, Advisory Chair
  • Dave Mayo-Kiely District
  • Sid McCausland, Compliance Committee Chair
  • Jessica Parks
  • Suzi Pearson
  • Jonathon Pistonik
  • Lisa Sauder
  • Ruth Schoenleben
  • Katie Scovic, Community Priorities Committee Chair, Council Vice-Chair
  • Sophie Tidler
  • Meg Zaletel


The Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness (ACEH) is pleased to announce our restructured Board of Directors and Homeless Response System Advisory Council. In late 2019, ACEH underwent a governance change and recently finalized the election of the board and an additional layer of governance, the Homeless Response System Advisory Council. In the below document, you will find the formal announcement:

ACEH Governance Change Announcement – January 2020